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MACBA: Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

With my background in Art Education I’ve always been a great admirer or surrealistic art. It was a way to escape from reality and enter the worlds of the inspiring Dali, Magritte and many more. While shooting, at MACBA Barcelona (check my other favorite places of Barcelona here), I directly got a surreal feeling while looking for the perfect angles. During editing of these photo’s I could help myself to go a bit further than I normally do – because it just felt perfect with these shots. I know, it’s a bit different kind of post what I normally show you guys, but hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do. Tomorrow I will serve you a brand new look shot at this location. See ya!

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  • These pictures are surreally beautiful, is what they are! Perfect to brighten up my tuesday morning!

    • So great to hear that! X

  • Mydubio

    Echt geweldig!! Super mooi!

  • Sara

    Wauw, wat een supergave foto’s! And looking stunning, vind je haar zo tof zo!

  • Lian

    Geweldige foto’s!

  • You and I have so many things in common and I really enjoy reading your posts. The fact that you are an art lover, struggling with an addiction to coca cola (I drink 2 liters a day lol), and a couple of others things I can’t remember right now is all pretty funny.
    The pictures are really surreal, just love clean and minimal architecture for that reason. I was in Barcelona 2 years ago and I missed visiting this museum. Do they have great modern art? (like Magritte, Francis Bacon, Otto Dix, Van Gogh, Munch, Dali, all kinds of expressionism and surrealism?). The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid is one of my favourites in Europe thus far, just wondering if this Barcelona Museum comes close. Damn. :)

    • PS: I remember now what the other things are: Asking for fashion advice to your boyfriend who knows nothing about fashion (do the same with my hubby), loving being alone, and MAINLY: thinking a LOT (thinking a lot and procrastination are my middle names), and well, basically 80% of all the facts about you post you published a while ago. We are soulmates, marry me hahaha :*

      • Oh gosh! So great to hear that we have so much in common. Maybe you’re a sister for another mister haha! Also really nice to hear that you like these pictures. Yes, they have great artworks at Macba – like Andy Warhol, Anish Kapoor, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray and many more! X

  • Supergave foto’s, babe! <3



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  • Wat een geweldige foto’s!! Super mooi dat blauw en wit. Met welke camera heb je deze gemaakt?
    xx Rachèl

  • Wauw supergave foto’s, Barcelona is ook te gek, wil er nog een keer heen, ook al ben ik er al geweest.

  • Eva

    Wauw, echt fantastische foto’s. Die tweede lijkt bijna een grafische tekening, echt te gek! xx

  • Feyi A

    Amazing photography!

  • Waauw mooie foto’s ! toen ik daar was waren alle ramen gekleurd :D

  • maud.schellekens

    Fab photos!

    XOXO Maud


  • Irene

    Super vet! bekijk ook mijn blog en volg me ook! Liefs irene

  • Geweldig mooie gebouw .en perfect om te shooten

  • viktoria

    amazing post!

  • Renata

    Your photos are amazing. I completely agree, there is something about surrealistic art that is just breathtaking. Really enjoying your photos. congrats and keep on posting!

  • gorgeous blue and white photos! stunning photography


    Wow ! Amazing pictures !

  • gaaaaaaah amazing photos… youre my new favorite blog!