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This week means going back to reality, gloomy spring weather and no days spending around nature and breathtaking views. My trip to Jordan was way beyond amazing and I can’t wait to share more stories about it. But before all that I wanted to share my favorite looks of the last 3 month to get this week easy started.

It quite feels like leaving colder and winter days behind and get my head ready for warmer spring and summer days. Spending more than a week in a country where temperatures go up around 25 degrees, coming back to Holland was quite a change. I truly wish I could bring some sun and blue skies with me but the moment I touched the ground back in the Netherlands I was welcomed with a blanket of grey skies. Hoping for the best the next few days!

For all the Dutchies / Heb je all meegedaan aan de waanzinnige Paaspop winactie en win 2 kaarten voor jou en een vriend(in). Ga snel naar de winactie en doe mee! De actie loop tot vandaag (30 maart – 8PM)! Good luck!

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