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….or birthday! We girls are quite easy when it comes to bringing up a list of your favorite things. When I ask my boyfriend if he wants or needs something, most of the time there’s a long silence and often he says I don’t really need anything. He’s happy with the things he got and is way to humble to come up with a long list. But during the holidays it’s not always easy to get a gift for guys (your brother, boyfriend, father, uncle…) and that’s why I asked my boyfriend to give me a list of things he really want for Christmas…or birthday!

Although he loves to receive to receive material gifts, in the end he always prefers activities as a gift. From a city trip to a day filled with a concert or a sports game and ending it with delicious food. So, whenever you’re in doubt, just remember what he loves to do and give it as a gift.

The first thing my boyfriend he wanted to have for Christmas was a new pair of shoes. The last few years he started to see shoes more than only the functional part of it. Yes, you can collect them, just like we girls already do for centuries. He likes to go for shoes you don’t see on every corner of the street and recently we came across Muroexe shoes that have a minimal touch and are made out of unique material that protect him from the rain.

Since a few months my boyfriend is growing his beard for the first time so taking caring of it, is quite new for him. So these days he prefers to receive some tools to let it stay in shape and it doesn’t become a fuzzy beard. Just like with our normal hair products, you have the find & try out several brands to find out which one fits you best. Any recommendations?

It may be one of those clich√© gifts for guys but in the end it’s just so useful. For me, as a girl, I just love when a guy smells really good and takes good care of his hygiene. So giving him perfume or shampoo is really not that cheesy, but useful for him and yourself. His favorite scent? Go for Calvin Klein Truth – a classic one that’s not to heavy and is super fresh! And ‘Le Jardin de Monsieur Li’ from Hermes, which is a unisex, seems to be a good scent too.

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  • My bf and I stopped doing physical gifts quite a while ago and honestly I much prefer it. I hate buying gifts and it’s much more fun to go out and do an activity instead!

  • Goede tips ook hihi, is ooit zo moeilijk om wat te ‘verzinnen’ !