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Walk This Way
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Walk This Way

I’ve always had something with mixing styles together and create an all unique style. This classic jumpsuit by Pepe Jeans looks really formal but with adding my platform sneakers, body and leather jacket it’s now someting you could wear to every ocasion. As you know, for this season I’m collaborating with Pepe Jeans and they asked me create the ultimate look inspired by London for their new Walk This Way campaign. Just like this look London has so many styles to see. During this campaign they ask you to do they same by recording yourself, upload the video (or instagram > #pepewalkthisway) on pepewalkthisway.com and become their next model. Maybe something for you?

Further I’m also into sunglasses these days. Actually they are my favorite accessory to wear because they can make every look complete. When it comes to a personal level, glasses give me the right way to hide from all the madness and just relax. With the more sun hours I’m expecting this season I just want to create a good sunglasses collection. Back in the days I had around 30 glasses which were all cheap and I knew this got out of hand. So since last year I sold them all and only invest in a few good ones. Like this one from Rayban that’s a true classes and is perfect for everyday. Still looking for the perfect sunglasses this season? Maybe this gift guide can give you the right direction the find the perfection glasses for you!

I’m wearing Pepe Jeans wide leg jumpsuit / Ray Ban sunglasses (via SmartbuyGlasses) /
K-swiss ‘Gstaad Platform’ white sneakers / Caroline Blomst leather jacket / Loavies sheer dot body

pepe jeans, loavies top, leather jacket, my jewellery

pepe jeans


K-swiss gstaad platform
This post was created in collaboration with Pepe Jeans & Smartbuyglasses.

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