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[ don’t forget to watch the video in HD ]

Exactly 2 weeks ago I attended the international launch of the Eastpak Artist Studio 2013 in Antwerp. In this project several artists of 14 different countries were asked to use the Eastpak backpack as their canvas and show their creativity. In the end all the bags will be auctioned and all the proceeds will go to the charity organization Designers Against Aids. Great to see the different end results and visions of all the artists. My favorite bag is by Ivania Carpio because of her original and minimalistic view about customizing a bag.

Ivania about her design.
“Customizing the bag by adding decorations without a clear function or a purpose did not make sense to me.”

“I chose to make a few small yet radical changes to the bag; I changed the solid back of the bag for clear perspex and moved the outside pocket to the inside. This way only the wearer can see what’s inside and the outside is left completely bare. I wanted it to be about exposure and concealment, with the disease of aids in mind which is often an invisible problem.”

About the video/ It was about time to make a video for my blog again. I’m really curious what you think of it! Let me know!

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