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Bad vision runs in the family. From an early ages I had to wear glasses and back in the days it weren’t the most fashionable ones. Little round or rectangle glasses were stuck on my face and for sure it weren’t the most fashionable ones. Combine this all weird glasses and a quirky fashion style and you can guess I wasn’t the most pretty girl of the class. In the end I didn’t mind but of course it had an impact on my self-confidence. Nowadays, with a vision of -8.0 and -6.75 it’s something I need to deal with and try to rock my glasses as much as I can.
I’m quite happy to see more fashionable eyewear is available these days and hasn’t that nerdy factor over it. Actually I’m starting to create a little collection of glasses for myself to style them every other day. So for today I thought it would be nice to share with you a few tips when buying new glasses.

Shape is not everything

Often when I read tips about buying glasses they mention you need to focus on the shape of your shape and your glasses. Of course, it’s something to keep in mind but in the end it’s all about rocking those glasses – no matter which shape your face or glasses have.

Do your research
These days you can find some affordable and fashionable glasses everywhere – from stores in your home town to online store around the web. Because there’s so much to find right now it’s good to do your research for the best ones for a good price. Like my glasses from Ace&Tate to the great collection at Express Glasses. So much options and there’s something for everybody.

Health goes first
A few times I spotted cool glasses that would perfect fit into my style but they weren’t the perfect option when it comes to my health of my eyes. For example, I’ve got a small nose and buying larger frames isn’t working for me because they slip off my nose and hurt around my ears. Also not every lenses are suitable for every frame for different reasons. So it’s good to keep your health in mind first and don’t lead your search by the style of your frame.

This post was created in collaboration with Express Glasses

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