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The suit. One of those classic pieces every woman needs. Either it’s for your business look at work or when you like to wear it on a casual day. In the end…you can never go wrong with it.

At the moment I just love to mix different styles together to create looks where I feel super comfortable in. In this ensemble you find a mix of sporty-ness (the sneakers), somethings classic (the suit) and something 80’s/RUN DMC (thanks to the cool shirt which I borrowed from the boy). Talking about that shirt…171 days until New York! So excited! But for now, London is calling!

P.S. Of course these pictures were shot before I changed my hair. Soon more about that!

ASOS black track trousers / Vanilia black classic blazer / Nike Air Max 90 white sneakers +
Adidas Run DMC t-shirt via Mainlinemenswear / Ace&Tate glasses / Nelly black trio bag


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