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Ok. Ok, I’m not dressed up 24/7 in all black but at least 70 to 80% of the time you can find me in all black looks. Most of the time I need to remind myself of the existence of other colors and sometimes I like to go for grey, navy, and white here and there. Yes, every spring and summer I want to go a bit bolder when it comes to colors and prints but in the end I stay with the good old black.

Actually since I was little, the moment knew how to dress up myself in a proper way (still made a millions fashion faux pas), I loved to brainstorm about what to wear for next season. Time to think about what I want to get rid of in my existing closet, and figuring out what I want to bring into my closet for the upcoming season (best part of course!). But every season, even when the temperatures are rising up to +25 degrees,  I find myself grabbing back to that black top, blazer or culottes. Before I thought I was quite in doubt about my love for black clothes but I can happily say I’m proud to be dressing up often in all black.

And, out of experience I really know the perks of dressing up in all black:
1. Limitation of a what-to-wear dilemmas – because almost all your black items fit together (no guarantee of success)
2. After eating a bit too much and a food-belly – an all black look can make you look slimmer
3. From my own experience I can say wearing black gives me an empowering feeling and so much more confidence.
4. Other colors, like purple, yellow, brown, come and go – but black is so timeless it here to stay!
5. With a black base of your wardrobe it’s easy to style it with more brighter and bolder items here and there.

image by Sandra Semburg


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