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The perfect black coat

Secretly we know we could be totally fine with 1 (or 2) coats to get trough the colder days. But we all know we actually want to have more. Because some coats just fit better with a certain look than others. As you know I already own a teddy coat, a more practical one but I still was looking for the perfect and classic black coat. A coat that’s perfectly shaped, is a bit longer and is just perfect for every occasion. During my monthly visit to one of the Costes boutiques and I came across this amazing black woolen coat that had my name written all over it. With no doubt I took it home and I’m already wearing it almost every day.

I’m wearing Costes black long woolen coat + pins / Loavies sheer dot body / Shashi eye necklace
Asos black dungarees / Vintage Louis Vuitton bag / Ace & Tate sunglasses /

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