Vacations are often there to escape the stress of everyday life. But sometimes packing alone can give some crazy drama. Over the years I made many trips and therefore learned how to pack my suitcase efficiently. With a limited amount of items and creating many look it always brings up a challenge. So for today I’m sharing a few tips for packing your suitcase this summer…

Go for 3 basic colors
One of the things that has helped me the most with packing is sticking to a color scheme. This way you make sure you can combine all your items with each other. The colors you can find in my suitcase are mostly black, denim and white – three colors that work together perfectly. Besides this, it is always possible to have a little splurge with some print items to spice it all up(and yes, palm trees are my favorite print).

Bold accessories
When you hold the base of your suitcase basic and within a color palette you can go a bit wild with your accessories. That cute colorful scarf, cool bag with all-over print, cool sunglasses or cool sneakers that makes your look something to wear 24/7.

Create your looks
Usually I am quite late with packing with my suitcase and it is quite commin you’ll see me packing around midnight Despite this bad habit, there is one thing I always do: trying out and putting together my holiday looks. With a bunch of clothes next  me and a mirror for me I try out different looks and I also try to think about the occasions I can wear them too. Another option is to make a picture of it or writing them down in your phone so you don’t need to think about during your trip.

Be prepared
Of course you hope the weather forecast for your trip will be picture perfect, but always be well prepared. Cold nights, an unexpected rain or extreme heat can sometimes cause serious issues. I’ll always bring a  warmer sweater, vest or jacket with me for cooler night when I still want to stay outside and relax. What definitely should not miss in your suitcase is a small bottle of dtergent when I unexpectedly want to clean some of my clothes.

In my suitcase Costes sweater + denim dress / Asos bandana / My Jewellery sunglasses cord / Puma sneakers

Curious about the some items I selected for an upcoming trip? Up on the Costes blog you can check my 5 five looks I made with the Costes items. Perfect for the city trip or tropical getaway? And, have your already packed your bags?