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For years now I’m thinking about to get my second ( and maybe 3rd,4rd, 5th…) tattoo. But never the time (or budget) has been right to go for it. So for ages I’m collecting tattoo images to get inspired and think about new designs. I would love to expand my current one to a bigger piece – also some new ones are on my list too. I’m really intrigued by the watercolor one that I came across the other day. So different and so artistic. What do you think of tattoos? Do you have one too? Let me know…

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  • Nick

    Toffe site Joy! Leuk om alles zo te lezen! De stijl van deze tatoos is echt vet! Ik wil ook nog steeds een nieuwe maar weet ook nog niet goed wat. Succes! ;)

  • Anna

    Je site is zo gaaf! :D ik dacht dat je Engels was haha.