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Enjoyed your Easter days? These sunny Spring days get me in the mood to get my wardrobe ready for a new season. I told myself to not go crazy when it comes to shopping but here and there I can’t resist some nice looking items. I’m still not sure getting them but first I’ll share my love with you guys. Do you already have items on your mind? Please share yours like I’m sharing mine down below!

1. Mansur Gavriel pink mules / Shoes, shoes, shoes – I just can’t get enough of it. Mules aren’t the type of shoes you’ll find in my closet because in the end I prefer my beloved sneakers. But fashion is also something fun and secretly I’ve been eyeing on these pink beauties. Propbably you can find budget version somewhere at a highstreet store soon.

2. K-Swiss Gstaad platform sneakers / Since a couple of weeks I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect platform white sneakers. I’ve been wearing the good old ‘normal’ sneakers for a while now but I won’t mind adding some extra centimeters with a platform. What do you think of these K-swiss ones (in all white)?

3. Wauw and Lulu suede pink bag (soon online) / Ok! My obssession of pink items is getting out of hand. But there’s a new bag coming to town and I just can’t get it out of my mind. Going for pink? Or maybe baby blue or white? Who will say it!

4. My Jewellery minimal earrings – Since I was two I’ve had my ear pierced and wore earrings once in a while. But thanks to the world wide web I often came across some cool earparties. For me this means I actually need to get ear pierced again. Something worth trying? What do you think?

source. wauwandlulu / garance dore / afterdrk

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