Whoops! That’s ‘whole lot of ME here popping up on my blog. I’m still not sure about this overload, but I just wanted to how happy I’m with my new short hair. I’ve been through many hair phases and I think this one is my favorite. It fits my personal style, my mood lately and I’m also really blessed with the fact that my boyfriend loves it too (yay!) – #shorthairdontcare.
This is also a great moment to share my thought about finding your true self. Yes, I’m not that girl with the long locks, not with size 0 and not with a range of designer bags/clothes. I’m me, unique and (most of the time) happy that I don’t go with the flow and just follow my own path. It’s not an easy road but in the end I’m happy with myself and that’s the most important thing in life. Let me know how you find your true self? I’m really curious to hear you thoughts about this subject…

I’m wearing BLACK BANANAS sweater / H&M sunnies, earcuff and earrings (similar here)