Yes! It’s time for a new update about my healthy lifestyle change with Personal Body Plan – you can read my previous updates here and here. Lately you can find me in the gym around 4 times a week and besides these days I also like to add some swimming or cardio. Right now I just like to share an update how I’m doing and what PBP is doing for me these days. After getting several comments, messages and e-mails I’m here to share how I experience this change


Right now I’m in the second month of this plan which means I’m already working out for 8 weeks now for a couple of times a week. Quite a change when you come from not working out for months and recovering from a severe injury. The first 4 weeks were more about getting back on track while the last 4 weeks were more intense when it comes to the set-up of the work-outs. More reps, building up more weight and the mix of work-outs you do. In this second month I also noticed working out has become more of a habit and I’m becoming super excited for my next training. Starting tp become curious of I’ll be able to lift more this time or trying out something new to keep it all up-to-date.

When it comes to food, sometimes I could become to strict for myself and this resulted into getting tired quite often. This is not a diet, so you need to learn how to deal with ‘bad food’ too. Those french fries you’re craving for or that cake during a birthday. All struggles to deal with. Actually I already ate some hamburgers, fries, candy and I sometimes I just can resist some icecream. This all is just part of your life and once in a while you can enjoy without regretting it – ENJOY IT! Of course, this is not always to right option but when you keep to process in mind it truly doesn’t mean the end of the world. Actually I’m also starting to dislike some of the bad options – like chocolate (OMG!), wine and other alcohol drink, pizza (so greasy), bunch of candy (hello sugar rush) and meat.

And how do I feel right now? Mentally and physically? I really can see some changes in my body and I’m a becoming obsessed (in a good way) about it. I’m getting stronger and more fit and I truly feel so much better. Losing some weight is always quite nice and noticing your clothes getting to big shows there’s a change going on. But in the end the biggest change I made is mentally. Earlier this year, during my injury on my knee, I was really not happy with myself and felt often down. I knew something had to change…NOW!

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