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New Loafers

Loafers. Since Gucci lauched their classic loafers and slip ons you can check them almost everywhere. This was also one of the reasons for me to be a bit hesitated to go for a new pair of these shoes. I’m quite hooked on the sneakers I’m wearing almost everyday. So I really had to get used to the less sporty look and hop on the classic look. But hey, it’s always good to change things and this time I really wanted to try some new loafers. Instead for the usual black I was quite curious to go for something more natural. Personally it’s something interesting because of my skintone I’m always afraid it will look the same. This time I went for these Manfield suede loafers that feel like walking on clouds – get them here in more colors. Something that you would slip on every morning to get you everywhere.

in the image / Manfield suede leather khaki loafers

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