My vintage Chanel bag. One of my secondhand treasures I’m the most proud and happy about.  I’m a true secondhand/vintage/thrift-lover and friends around me are always questioning how I find the best things – like this bag. You may have seen it coming by on my blog – in this outfit – and I always get positive comments about it (yay!). I even received several emails with the question where I got it. The answer: I just got it from a secondhand store in my hometown and it was pre-owned by a older lady who just passed away. So actually I’m giving this bag a second life.
And yes, I’m still not sure if it’s 100% real but actually I don’t mind, because in the end it will be my favorite vintage bag. Maybe I just need to pay a visit to a Chanel store and let them check my bag.
Curious about the whole story? Read my interview about this bag on (in Dutch) – read it in English here.