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Just like everybody else I just have to admit I just can’t live without my phone. As we know it’s more than a phone because 90% of the time we’re not texting or calling somebody. My personal favorite thing to do with it? Snapping pictures of everything around me and share them most of the time on instagram (yes, like everybody else). I thought it would be fun to share 5 of my favorite apps for the Iphone (4s).

1. Pinterest / Lately I can’t stop pinning around my favorite style inspiration/quotes/interior/food and more. And what’s better to do that when I’m travelling to a meeting.
2. Afterlight / Almost all my pictures you see on instagram are editted with this great photography app. A must-download
3. WordPress / With my fresh new blog been launched this week on WordPress I just love to use this app when I’m on to go and want to edit my posts.
4. BeautifulMess / Once in a while you can spot some text on my Instagram pictures. I created this with this really cool app made my fellow bloggers.
5. Shazam / A must have for every music lover! Everytime I’m curious about a song a hit on this app.

And did you spot that really cool marble Iphone case? I made it myself on Caseable and received it this week with a super fast delivery! I’m thinking about to create another case for my Ipad! You can order an create one too with a special discount code which gives you €5 off the price! Just fill in JUSTLIKESUSHI! This code is valid until October 4.

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  • I just downloaded afterlight – thanks for the tip!

  • MyDubio

    Je hoesje is echt geweldig!
    En niet meer bij cofd? Je design ziet er iig geweldig uit van de site!

  • Marion van Zutphen

    Met een Iphone kun je zoveel leuke apps downloaden die niet met Android kunnen, dat vind ik zo jammer!

  • sifra

    Shazam is zeker een leuke app! Je design van je ”nieuwe” blog is mooi geworden!

  • Antoinet – everydayCHIC

    Super leuk je nieuwe blog! Gefeliciteerd :)


  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Wat een mooie hoesje heb je ontworpen!

  • ohmaygod

    Aah ik vind je case echt super. Ik ga even naar de actie kijken, ben toe aan een nieuwe case!


  • AdmirablyPretty

    Die Afterlight ga ik zo even downloaden! Prachtig hoesje heb je trouwens, wauw!

    XO Imke

  • Leuke apps, en je hoesje is echt geweldig

    X Esther | Confashions

  • I, hands down, loooooove your phone case! How’s the quality of it?


    your phone case ♡

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