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“My year has been good when I’ve traveled a lot” – that’s what I’ve been saying the last few year and I must say I haven’t disappointed myself the last few years. Traveling means so much for me and it makes me feel alive. Experiencing a new culture, new people and collecting moments is just priceless. So it won’t be a surprise I already plannend some new trips next year – the first one will be already somewhere around my birthday! Have you traveled a lot this year? And which travel moment was your favorite? Please let me know….


New York, New York – Manhattan
So, what do I need to say more about my trip to New York. By far the most amazing trip
I made this year and it meant so much more than ‘just’ a trip to a city. It also was to very first time
traveling to the United States and it totally felt so familiar. And of course, it made we want
to explore of the States and particular New York which I can’t wait to enjoy again and less as a tourist.

Traveling to Jordan – Wadi Rum
Earlier this year, in March, I was invited by the Jordan Tourism Board to come visit Jordan f
or a week and experience the best of this country. From the first moment I already was
looking forward to the desert Wadi Rum. It was quite life changing for me because it made me
realize even more what the important things are in life for me. I felt so much peace and comfort in
the silence and beauty of the world I wish I could stay longer. And I know, I’ll go back soon.

Weekend get-away to Paris
As a gift for my mother and mother-in-law the boyfriend and I went on a surprise trip to Paris.
This weekend get-away was just perfect from the start and in a short time we experienced all the best things
Paris has to offer. Like a tour on the Seine, visiting the Eiffel Tower and ending it
all with visiting Fondation Louis Vuitton and Versailles. Two amazing recommendations when you’re in Paris soon.

Traveling to Jordan – Edo Lodge
Traveling to Jordan felt mostly like going back to basics and sure it was at Feynan Eco Lodge
somewhere hidden in the deserted parts of this country. After traveling for a few hours we finally arrived at
this Lodge in the dark with no electricity, no wifi and a sky filled with starts. The best moment of this stay was
spending the night on the rooftop, watching the moon and stars and talking about life.

Summer in La Palma – Feeling free
For me, my summer holiday trip to La Palma (one fo the Canary Islands) back in August was something
I just needed at that moment. I’ve been working all summer long and was so looking forward to a lot of sun, beaches,
food and a lot of breathtaking nature. I overcame ( a bit) my fear of height by jumping from up high in the
ocean and just swimming in the rough ocean that came me such a free feeling. Being one with nature
and just enjoying the simple things in life.

Tourist in own country – Maastricht
I truly love to spend a weekend in Maastricht because it truly feels like spending time somewhere in
France while staying in your own country. The last time I was in Maastricht was for the opening of the Stijl Men store
and I truly had the best time with fellow blogger Joyce. Biking around the cities with our guys,
shopping and have a delicious dinner outside. What I wish for more?

New York, New York – Brooklyn
Going to New York in the first place was a dream come true so actually this entire trip can be nominated
for ultimate best travel moment of this year. Besides Manhattan and all the touristic parts of this city
I also got excited about Brooklyn. The vibe, the people and the cool shops, markets and restaurant
makes me wanna stay there s bit longer next time.

Summer in La Palma – Hiking
After getting more fit this I got totally excited about hiking and that’s what did during my last summer holiday in La Palma.
Hiking around beautiful nature and experience beautiful views is something I learned to enjoy so much more this year.

Tourist in own country – Spa days
One a year my boyfriend and I go for a spa weekend and relax to the fullest. You can say it has
become a tradition and it’s something I look forward to every year.
Nothing on your mind, enjoying the nice weather and relax are my only goals during those days.

Belgium days – First time in Brussels
So weird, I’ve been to Antwerp a million times but I’ve never visited Brussels before. So I was so excited
when Elisabeth Chocolatier invited to get to know them and Brussels a bit better. We stayed at a small
hotel ‘Happy House’ with only a few rooms and the best minimal design.
Days filled with chocolate and experiencing a new city makes me wanna go back asap.

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