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I see instagram as a sort of place where I put all the pretty things in life I see around me and share them with others – follow me on @justlikesushi of course. I’m also a sucker for browsing around it and looking for cool stuff from others. It like sharing and inspiring at the same time. That’s what I love to do. Some people hate to see food insta-shots but I just can’t stop snapping and sharing what I eat. That’s why I also would love to integrate more food recipes up on JUST LIKE SUSHI. Would you like that too? Just let me know!

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  • MissTwiggy

    I am simply amazed by your blog… I’ll be definitely following you :)

    great job!!!


  • Leuke fotos! jummms voor t eten hihi

  • estefania Laguna
  • Great Insta pics. Swoon over the Wang bag. I would like to see some food recipes of course :)

    xx Mira

  • Lieke

    Yeees to the recipes! Check out my healthblog:

  • Cindy Klein

    Hey lovely! How are you? You should know that I do not usually comment on other blogs, but I found yours because of a friend out and I must say I really like it :) I hope you visit my blog and if you like it, it would be great if you follow me :D My blog is about fashion, make up, DIY, original ideas (cooking, decorating, etc), I talk about everything :P I hope you like it

    Big kiss!

  • Elizabeth Nwansi

    Yes yes to the recipes, I’m a huge cook now that I have more time at home so I’m always looking for new recipes


    Indulgera Blog

  • Filipa Lopes

    Thank you for the comment! Your blog is very lovely :)

  • PS by Dila

    Ben alweer te lang niet op je blog geweest, maar gefeliciteerd nog met je eigen domein! En je Instagram foto’s blijven heerlijk om naar te kijken.

  • Sandra Alise

    super mooie instagram, jeutjemineutje! hoe heb je trouwens die foto’s zo met dat linkje geplaatst, is daar een app voor of doe je dat zelf? x