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Wow! Seeing myself in a classy long black dress is still quite weird for me – of course I had to style it off with some cool Blackstone pink kicks as a true tomboy. But in the end, this is still a fitted dress that shows my curves that I’m trying to show off more these days. Around 3 months ago I bought this dress, I loved it, but I just didn’t felt comfortable in it! While hoping for the best and my planned healthy lifestyle with PBP I tried this dress a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be more excited. It fits so much better than before and this shows hard work pays off! Instead of hiding myself in oversized clothes I tend to make a switch to more fitted pieces. Cool to see how things can change in just a couple of months!

I’m wearing H&M black long dress / Blackstone pink sneakers / Cluse silver watch / Larimar Bliss bracelet / Quay sunglasses


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black long dress

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