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Ok! Summer is here and in full swing. Time to show off some skin and crop tops can be found on every corner. But I’m still figuring out if it’s something for me. To be honest, my stomach is getting a bit flatter because I’m working out on a regularly basis. But for me this doesn’t mean I will hop on the crop top train. I’m really self-conscious and showing off my belly button almost feels like being totally naked – maybe I still need set the goal of getting that six-pack one day (dream on girl!) And besides this all, it’s gives me that Spice Girl/90’s feeling and I’m not sure if that’s the style I’m aiming for.
This doesn’t mean I don’t like seeing crop tops on others. Actually, I love it! So as you can see I’m quite in doubt about this shortest top of all and I’m quite curious about your view on it. Do you hate it or are you totally loving this super trendy item? Let me know…

image via Sandra Semburg


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  • Jaah love it! Alleen ook niet bij mijzelf hihi!

    Liefs Nora /

  • lavieenliz

    I love the idea but I don’t wear them

  • I like crop tops but I only wear them with high-waisted items so I’m only showing off a bit of skin x

  • They definitely can look very cool when styled well! It’s only when girls go all Britney Speare circa 2003 that its looks rather horrific :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    P.s love the shot you’ve used!

  • Crop tops are no classic I think, you can wear them formal and casual now. //

  • Jaaaa love crop tops! Heerlijk! :)
    x Frederique

  • I’ve started to like crop tops more and more! Especially with all the fun high-waisted styles out there now, crop tops are almost becoming a necessity for me! I keep finding myself looking through my closet being like “whyyyyy do I have no crop tops!!!” haha but I agree, not to show too much skin. Keep it cute. Wear the crops with something high waisted :D