A few times a year I like to go through my wardrobe and clean it all up. After a few shopping sprees I just like to arrange my wardrobe to bring some order into it. Going out with the old (and sometimes also in with the new). It gives that great feeling of a fresh new start and going back to the base of your closet. With this all a great new app comes in – Swapp! Because I love to find great seconhand gems I’m totally into this new app that has the possibility to sell and swapp your items. In a world where fashion goes so fast I rather find pre-owned items to buy or to swop. Swapping is something quite new for me but I really like the concept of it because without involving money you can upgrade your wardrobe. And instead going for something new everytime it’s better and for us to look around what secondhand fashion has to offer. So let’s swapp! 

You can downdload the app in the App Store and Google Play / #swappfashion #swapp #swappapp