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I just want to talk about something that’s on my mind for a while now. It’s something personal, but also something I’d like to discuss with you guys. Why? Because I think blogging is not only about showing off from my side, but to get interactive with you.

The title says it already: LESS IS MORE. Clothes, interior stuff, things, goodies – whatever you call it, it’s getting on my nerves and I want to get rid of it. I want to feel satisfied with less and feel less obsessed by things and feel more free. Of course, I know things are just things and there’re more important things in life and I’ve experienced that several times in my life already. It’s also the society that we live in that makes us want more. More of  that, more of this – where does it end? Also blogging makes it not easy in this materialistic world. I want get more disciplined and start something new from the 1st of November.

What’s my plan?
– I want to start with cleaning out my closet – with some serious guidelines (Shall I share them with you guys?)
– Clean up my house and get rid of unnecessary stuff’. Back to basics!
– Be disciplined!

Let project LESS IS MORE start!

Do you like it when I share my process here on my blog with tips and updates? Let me know! I also would love to hear your opinion about LESS IS MORE – and your tips & tricks.

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  • Loonia

    I love this chair & this paint. Love the deco.


  • Jah zeker tips! ben benieuwd!

  • Chezzelia

    Toevallig ben ik daar nu ook mee bezig! Ik ruim nu 1x in de week een kamer en die rip ik als het waren helemaal en start dan opnieuw. Spullen die ik al heel lang niet heb gezien gaan weg. Alleen de dagelijkse spullen gebruik ik. Spullen met herinneringen bewaar ik maar ik kijk wel naar wat voor herinneringen het zijn. En mijn vogue collectie.. die blijft haha!

  • Floor |

    Ja leuk! Ben benieuwd hoe het je vergaat. Ik zou ook graag wat minder obsessed willen zijn met mooie dingen, maar ja: easier sayd than done.. :-)

  • Saskia | Former Parades

    Klinkt goed, dat zou ik eigenlijk ook eens moeten doen! Lijkt me leuk als je je proces deelt :-)

    ♥ Saskia

  • Eva

    Ik vind je blog sowieso een inspiratie en ik begrijp helemaal wat je schrijft. Ik heb een beetje hetzelfde. Cliché van de eeuw maar wel waar; materialism is so overrated. Toch blijf ik het lastig vinden dingen weg te doen. Heb dan weer zoiets van “maar als ik het weg doe en ik heb het weer nodig (over tig jaar) en moet ik iets nieuw kopen en dat is zonde”. Zou dus graag je tips zien en lezen ;) xx

  • Iris

    mooie tekst, helemaal waar!

  • Mothi

    I totally agree with you.

    Less is more, I love it more!

    xo’ M

  • Less is more, definitely more.
    Oh and I love your blog, it’s just perfect!
    It’s inspiring, everything is so beautiful! :’)

    Glitter & Blush

  • You are totally right and I agree with you, I clean up my wardrobe every season! :D


    Francesca from

  • Laura L

    I totally agree with you! I need to so some serious cleanup!



  • Mydubio

    Ik ben heel benieuwd en het ook helemaal met je eens! Dus zeker delen :)

  • I agree that less is more, but I find it extremely hard to do this with a blog. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve become more obsessed with fashion and shopping, and it feels like I’ve been caught up in the marketing game of just buy, buy, buy because your life will be better. It’s definitely made me rethink about things to post, but ultimately, how do you have a fashion blog and maintain “less is more?” I don’t really know the answer. Do you start talking more about other topics outside of fashion or do you remove yourself from what you’re posting and become more of a fashion journalist just reporting on things, but it’s not necessarily your own view. It’s hard, but much needed you know (less is more). I was just thinking today that I should really reduce my closet down even further.

    • Thanks for your comment. But I think I’m not taking it so extreme like you’re talking about. My blog is and will stay personal and I’m never want to become some kind of a ‘fashion journalist’ – that’s the last thing I want. In the future I’m thinking about to show my readers how to be creative with a smaller wardrobe and to style several looks with the same items. I’m gonna start with this all next week, so I’m also curious what the future will bring.

  • Linda

    Als je je tuinbroek verkoopt, wil ik die graag van je overnemen. En daarna doe ik met je mee!!!

  • Rachel

    Jaa lijkt mij leuk om het proces te zien!
    Simplicity is the best!


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  • VIva la simple life. Enjoy purging and organizing your nest…it will lighten your heart and offer you much energy. Happy nesting!