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LET’S TALK WITH// – A brand new section on my blog where I introduce you to ladies who are a true inspiration. Let’s start! Last month I had an interesting trip to Maastricht to explore what it has to bring when it comes to fashion. I had a great meeting with FASHIONCLASH – fashion event this weekend – and a few designers who showcased their latest collection. Joelle Boers, who I follow for a while, was there too and I totally fell in love with her latest collection. It was great to have a talk with her and get to know her better and her future plans. Keep an eye on this creative lady because you’ll see her more and more (…like her show during MBFWA)!

By the way…Today I’m heading to Maastricht again for FASHIONCLASH Festival and follow me (@justlikesushi) and Joelle on instagram to see what we’re up to!

* * *

1. Tell me more about yourself?
My name is Joelle Boers, 28 years old Textile/Print Designer graduated 3 years ago at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design. With a passion for aesthetics of all things technological, natural phenomena and cultural identity. I’m creating digital prints for fashion and interior textiles.

2. How did it all started?
When I was little I was always drawing animals with my grandmother, she was very creative and stimulated me further and further developing my own talent; illustrating. When I grew older I was always the excentric one; different style of clothes and always drawing. Other girls had boyfriends when they were 14, I had my sketchbook and my own world within. I went to SintLucas Boxtel, to graduate in Graphic Design,Styling & photography, but after that I still wanted to learn more about what to do with the creative part in me. That’s why I choose for MAFAD ( Maastricht academy of Fine Arts & design) to grow into the fashion and textile world, and identify myself with certain influences.
After graduating I start working as a Stylist, but after 1,5 years I really wanted to work for my own; starting JOELLE BOERS | STUDIO was a risk, but also a dream, I can do my own thing, on the time I want, even it is 5 in the morning or 12 at night! It’s hard work, a passion and a lifestyle, the STUDIO is with me every day, because I do everything by myself, from the website, to photography, to networking and designing.

3. What is the concept of your brand?
I have a passion for aesthetics of all things technological, natural phenomena and cultural identity, and I am obsessed with geometric shapes. Those things are the base of my designs; a mix of geo shaped structures, illustrations and photography all in one art piece. I like to pushing my boundaries, after each project I’d like to try something new.
My label JOELLE BOERS| STUDIO creates fair wear, so everything I create is only limited in stock and made with care for the environment.

4. What is your dream goal with your brand?
I hope within 1 year I can create a living with my webshop or sell my designs in two or three exclusive shops! And upcoming Juli is also very important for me; I will show my collaboration collection – with Bregje Cox – IINUA during Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam during Fashionlab!! That’s a dream coming true for both of us! I hope in the future we will be able creating more collaboration projects, so we will be able to go international!

5. What are your plans for this summer (upcoming months/weeks)?
Today Bregje Cox and I are showing IINUA during the Grand Opening Night at FASHIONCLASH! The show tickets are sold out so I’m very exciting and a bit nervous..it’s my first show! The music we mixed is so awesome – edgy/dark/mechanic, you’ll get goosebumps! After that we are showing IINUA during Amsterdam Fashionweek and we can do everything we want, creating our own IINUA world right there! I think after juli I have still an adrenaline rush in my veins haha!

6. What are your 3 style secrets?
1/ Invest in a good bag, even if you have to save your money for a year like I did..! ( Oh I Love Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Chanel..) 2/ Combine it with clothes you feel comfortable in, ( I live in BLACK! ) like a good ( skinny) jeans and a nice oversized blazer. 3/ And than THE SHOES , I’m a shoe addict, I don’t even know how much I have right now..Shame shame..!
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7. What is your hardest business struggle?
I invest more than I receive..I know that’s how every starter begins..But in the future I hope I will be able to sell my designs quicker, so I can create a living of it, now I have to do freelance jobs to pay my rent etc.

8. Note to yourself?
I need Coffee..! I really do, I’m bit stressed out now one day before the show..!

9. Favorite quote?

10. (Life) Advice for my readers
Dare to be different, listen to that voice in your head, if you want something really badly, DO IT! You have to work hard, but maybe it is the chance of your lifetime!

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