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I was a fashion enthusiast. Had an endless wish list and couldn’t be more excited about what next season would bring. But times have changed. Of course I looking forward to Fashion and check out what the high fashion label has to bring but I all look at it from an other point of view. I see fashion not as something that goes from season to season but I prefer to invest in pieces that will last for years and years. For me, 2016 is all about investing in a lasting style that defines me – #lastingstyle

‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.’ – Lauren Hutton

Recently I got in contact with Reve en Vert, a UK-based high-end e-commerce platform for sustainably produced items. Of course I get tempted by high-street labels but in the end I prefer clothes that are produced in ‘good’ way. These days it’s still not easy find brands that produced both ethically and sustainably and Reve en Vert is the place to be for that (especially when you have a minimal style). For example, I went for this knitted ensemble by Blake LDN that has been made of materials that come from certified places within Europe and all of the production is based within the E.U. as well. The same goes for the Pamela Love necklace – made from recycled material made in her Manhattan studio – and the Hare + Hart leather backpack which is made in a small, fourth-generation family owned factory in Buenos Aires. It feels so good be an owner of these items I hope to continue this journey further this year. I’ll keep you updated…

I’m wearing Blake LDN knitted grey midi skirt + knitted top / Hare + Hart leather black backpack / Pamela Love mini spike silver necklace

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  • Karen

    This outfit is fabulous on you. The knit looks so soft. The necklace choice and backpack really up the chic value, and it fits into the category of minimalist too paired with the sneakers. Love!

  • waauw zo’n toffe outfit!

  • Malu

    Loving the way this knit co-ord looks on you. Not to mention, the location you chose for these photos is beautiful! I like that you kept everything very minimal with your accessories, and how this outfit looks athletic with your sneakers. Im a sucker for a good sneaker and skirt combo. I think it always looks cool and comfortable. Great look!