Today I wanted to share something of a project I’ve been working on lately. You all know that I’m working as a freelancer here and there and I love to work on new things with other creative people. Back in April you already could read and see that I attended the InnerCirqle Sport & Lifestyle Event where I filmed and edited to entire day – so happy with the end result. Last week it was time for an new event and this time it was all about Business Moms. All thought I really have no desire to become a mom soon, the business part is something that interests me more.

This time I only edited the video, but this doesns’t stopped me sharing this cool video and some pictures. At the great location De Hallen in Amsterdam a morning was filled with inspiring speakers as stylist Lonneke of Style My Day, business lady Tess of Platform F and foodie Vivian Reijs who created some yummy green smoothies. Of course this event wouldn’t be complete brands like Philips, Mcgregor and ByLoulou to showcase some of their newest products. Personally I’m must get that clothing steamer because I’m so not into ironing and steaming your clothes sounds much easier. And who doesn’t love having a Philips slowjuicer or blender in their kitchen? Hmm, I better already start saving ;)…

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Pictures by Dimitri Valentijn / Video shooting by Bikkel Amsterdam and edited by me