Somewhere at the end of 2013 I told you about two shoots I had for two magazines and now they’re finally out! First I was featured in Fashionista magazine (still in store) about styling a trend and my size. As you know, I don’t have size 0, but just try to embrace my body. Actually I don’t look at sizes in stores but more how a garment fits my body.

I was also featured in Grazia magazine with one of my favorite dresses and the story behind it. I’m wearing one of the few dresses I have that fits perfectly and gives me such a good feeling and gives such great memories. Actually the interview was quite personal and I’m open up about my (not so happy) past and how it effected me. Only a few people close to me knew about it so it was quite a big step for me to share this in a magazine. Unfortunately this feature was published way earlier than I thought so you can’t get your hand on it anymore…

Happy Valentine’s Day.