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Some of you quite know that already since August last year I’ve been going crazy about going to New York this year. While counting the days (thanks to one of those great apps) this year has been flying by like crazy and now there are only less than 3 weeks left until this great trip. While i’m still in my head with my previous trip to Jordan I really need to set my mind on the Big Apple and start planning things.

Of course as I’ll be visiting the usual touristic things like Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The High Line and many more. But just like with all my other trips I actually prefer to get tips from locals or fellow travelers who know things to see that aren’t super touristic. It gives me that feeling of living in that city and acting like a true local.
So this post is actually dedicated to you. For you to share your tips of New York and the things I need to visit, go to eat, shop or party at. Also just general random tips are super welcome – because this is also the very first time traveling to the USA!

So please share all the ins and outs of New York here in the comments
or drop me an email at
when you have a longer list of things to visit!

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  • So amazing! I love NYC and have been there two times. I love the Highline, the Ace Hotel and Williamsburg.

    x Fiona

    • Oh great! If you have more tips, please share! I’m so excited for this trip!

  • Kayra

    Make My Cake in Harlem.. omg best cupcakes ever. Bring me some red velvet cupcakes, haha! In Harlem there’s also a designer shoe outlet somewhere (they also sell accesories). OH and Century 21 (idk where it was anymore) but that’s also a designer outlet. I’m probably forgetting lots of things.. any way have fun in NY! I wish I could go again!

    • Thanks for all the tips! If you have more….don’t hestitate to share them with me! :)

  • if you’re sick of the fast food, I can recommend you: E&E Grill ( it’s near times square. very very good meat with vegetables and mashed potatoes were my favorite!

    visit Top of The Rock for the most amazing view on central park and downtown manhattan and Empire State Building. I also did the Empire State Building and that was a disappointment. Ok, amazing view, but the waiting was SO long and too crowded. If you do Top Of The Rock, you have all the time to enjoy the view and it’s not too crowded. I loved doing it in the morning and we went back at night. Now I always return when I’m in NY. it’s my little place where I can fully enjoy the city. it’s breathtaking.

    and last tip: WALK! AND CYCLE! we used the underground metro once. but loved to walk and cycle everything. we used the Citibikes and loved it.

    HAVE FUN! xoxo

    • Oh, thank you so much for all the tips! Walk and cycle tip is great! And if you have more ‘non-fast food’ restaurants I need to know, please share! :)

  • If Doughnuts are your thing you must try Dough. For a really cool and off the beaten path spot, check out Freedom Tunnel. You would definitely get amazing street style shots with all the graffiti and street art there. Other spots… Pies ‘n Thighs. Ed’s Lobster Bar. The Brooklyn Bridge. There’s so much to do and so little time.


  • Hello there! I have never been to NY, but latelly I have the feeling of going to too many places in America. I’ll read the tips of the rest of the comments in case I go!

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  • I have so many…..

    Top of the Rock (much better than the Empire State AND you get to take pictures of NY WITH the Empire State)
    Brooklyn Bridge
    High Line
    Meat Packing District
    East Village

    There is no end.

    Not trying to sell my blog here, but I did a bunch of things last year:

    Have fun!

  • Suzanne

    Williamsburg!! Wat een fijne wijk is dat! Toen ik er was begon het helaas hevig te sneeuwen, waardoor we teruggingen naar het hotel, maar ik was er graag langer gebleven! Veel leuke streetart en ga lekker koffie drinken bij Toby’s estate. Je hebt daar ook nog een heeel leuk restaurantje met heel veel hout aan de buitenkant. Vanbinnen is het net een overdekte tuin. Ik ben de naam vergeten, maar als je het daar aan iemand vraagt weet vast wel iemand waar het is! Verder is Katz Delicatessen echt grappig om naar binnen te gaan. Neem ook een kijkje bij Beauty Essex. Dit is een luxe vintage store, maar als je doorloopt is er een restaurant achterin. Reserveren noodzakelijk! Beiden zijn in Lower East side. Oh en schaf de NYC City pass aan. Scheelt veel geld, en je kunt hiermee naar alle highlights! Have funnnn xxx


    Never been to New York. Definitely on my wish list! I’m sure, I’ll read all about it! Already curious…

  • Louise

    you can check out my NYC recommendations on my blog!