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Yes, I have a dream. For years I’m dreaming about travelling to the most amazing places on the world. I put all these places on my travel-wishlist and I’m trying to knock them down one by one. High on this list, on number #1 to be exact, is a trip to NEW YORK CITY. The city of lights, the Big Apple, NYC or whatever you want to call it. I feel we have a connection, something in common and I just want to feel the atmosphere of this city. I heard so many great stories around me about this destination that I’m filled with excitement when I only think about the possibility of being there one day. Soon, this dream is getting closer and closer and I really need your help with that. Yes, your help. Why?

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to
and people I’ve never met.”

I teamed up with Maruti to join a Blogger Battle with 4 other ladies to style their super comfortable Gimlet shoes. The blogger with the most votes wins a trip to ‘freakin’ New York – going crazy here right now ;)! This Battle will be up really soon (I think somewhere this week – next tuesday march 25th!) so I really hope I can count on your vote soon! At that time I’ll let you know how to vote (and make chance to win a pair of these shoes). And…sharing is caring!

ph. by me | cottds | sprhuman | Full outfit will be up soon – wearing h&m trenchcoat / vintage chanel bag /