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Meh! Rainy and colds days during the first days of September which all means that summer is coming to an end these days. I still have my hope up for some great indian summer days somewhere this month – #fingerscrossed. But to keep the holiday mood a bit up – which can be gone already after just one day according to some newspapers – I came up with a list of great holiday habits to integrate into your daily life. The fun and good things that reminds us of those summer days! So let’s go…and if you got some great ideas, please share down below in the comments!

Limited use of your phone/internet/social media
During my short holiday of only one week I had only access to internet in my summer appartement. The result was I only could check social media and other internet-related things a few momenst a day. When I was at the beach, hiking or strolling around town I only could use my phone for calling, texting or taking some pictures – like back in the days! And do you know what the best things was? The battery of my phone sticked with me to 1,5 to 2 days without charging #bigworldwonder!

Be one with nature
At the magical Canary Island La Palma life is all about nature because you live so close to the beaches, volcanos and beautiful mountains can be found at every corner. From hiking around the forest to jumping into the Atlantic Ocean. I did it all and being more one with nature felt so good. Because of the high mountains the weather is also so different in a flat country like Holland which means you look totally different to the weather forecast. Just look up at the sky and you know what’s coming..

Wake up earlyIt sounds a bit weird but waking up early during my holiday was one of the best things I did. Seeing the sunrise from my balcony and being up and running around 7Am gives you so much more time to do things. Ok, I must be honest – most of my days I did a nappy at the beach to get my amount of sleep during a day.

Look around you
When you’re on a holiday every street, building or view looks like a postcard. But when you’re home you stopping seeing all the beauty around you in your home town. So let’s start be more open and see the beautiful things in your daily life.

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  • Diolifestyle

    Lovely pic!

  • lavieenliz

    I love waking up early!

  • Great post!

  • From Luxe With Love
  • Allegra Ghiloni

    I love your post. This summer I spend three weeks in Sri Lanka and I left feeling so healthy and peaceful. Using my phone less, waking up early, being more active and eating really healthy foods made me feel amazing! I’ve been trying to make these habits in my life since getting home.

    Allegra x

  • Saw this post in a Bloglovin email of interesting ones to read and I really enjoyed it! I always feel so refreshed after a holiday and come back full of good intentions… it is like mini new year resolutions. I think if I could achieve the limited time on my phone and social media that would make such a positive difference!

    Inma x

  • Nadia Moore

    Not using your phone/computer is such a big one! I would also say that a way to feel like you’re on vacation is to try and walk a bit more. I walk the most on vacation and by the evening I feel wonderfully exhausted. Lovely post!

  • Izzy

    Just as Allegra said – I spent two and a half weeks in Nepal in March, staying in a tent and not having any internet or tv for almost the entire trip. And I came back feeling UNBELIEVEABLY healthy! So energised (though this was partially due to oxygen rush coming down from altitude!), I hated being around tvs and everyone on their phones again. I’ve totally fallen back into that habit too,but so determined to have that fresh, nature-filled, healthy vibe again. Great post :)