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Like the title says, I’m talking about my favorite ‘trend’ that has been going on lately and I hopped on immediately because it’s so ‘m’e. After avoiding all my dresses en skirts for a long time I finally found them back this year during Spring and started to style them with my all time favorite footwear: sneakers!

From that moment on a match made from heaven was born. I always grabbed my favorite skirts and dresses instead of the usual relaxed trousers or jeans. What was happening? Dresses, skirts and sneakers were almost attached to me 24/7. On my blog I got a lot of super sweet comments on these looks and I thought it would be nice to share some tips how to style sneakers with dresses (and skirts). And the end of this post I’m also asking you guys to help me with something….

Find inspiration
Before you start styling it’s good to find some inspirations to get to know which style you’re aiming for. I always love to spend some time on Pinterest to find and search for inspiration. Do you prefer a mini, maxi or a midi dresses/skirts? A pencil or a full lined skirt? And what kind of sneakers do you want to wear? All important questions to think about.

Styling opposites
When you’re styling two opposites (sporty meets feminine) together it’s good to find a corresponding feature. It can be the color, fabric of style that make them a good match. For example: I prefer¬† to combine my more bulky Adidas Superstar sneakers with my grey jersey skirt instead of a lace dress.

Keep proportions in mind
At the end of the day we all want to look at our best and accentuate or best features, right? So keep in mind what works with you body type or not. In mine case I always like to style my midi dresses and skirts with low sneakers/slip ons so you still can see my ankles and it gives some length to my legs. When I would wear high-top sneakers it would make my legs a lot shorter – ain’t gonna happen!

Keep in mind: have fun with fashion. I always like to create my own rules and forget the general rules of fashion. I prefer to style two opposite styles together instead going for a look that has been worn over and over again.

Need your help!
Now it getting colder and colder and winter is coming closer the bare-legged days are over. So right now I’m figuring out how to style my dresses/skirts with my sneakers for the colder days. I’m not the type of girl who likes to wear tights a lot but I think I can’t avoid that. What do you think of dresses + tights + sneakers? And what are the best tights? Please let me know it in the comment!


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