Woohoo! It’s friday and that means it’s almost time for….weekend! Back in the days it was all about going out, having drinks and hangovers on Sunday. But hey, I’m getting older too and I started to work out a bit more, especially in the weekends. When I received this Jogha box earlier this week I knew it was a sign to pick up my work-out again and working on those abs. Also struggling to work-out more often? Today I’m sharing with you a few tips to get more motivation. I say, let’s go!

Get new work-out gear
Of course, you can work-out in an old tee from you boyfriend and an old yoga pants, but that doesn’t to the trick in the end. Getting a fresh new set of work-out clothes gives you to motivation to shine in the gym and make the best out of it. When I’m getting some new activewear, like this amazing Jogha set, it just gave me to right amount of excitement to work out the next morning. Showing of that new colorful jacket or those super comfortable bottoms that makes every work-out a blast!

Do what you love
I always hear people complaining about the fact that they hate going to the gym or working out in general. In that case, find something you love! Do you like running, kickboxing or maybe weight-lifting? There’s always something to find that suits your schedule and interests. And these days, there’re enough ways to get in shape again. Look all those free videos to find on youtube. Go get yourself a (yoga)mat and get those abs working.

Set up your goals
When you’re setting a goal it’s getting easier to get motivated and start working-out on a regular base. In my case I didn’t want to get in shape only, but also build more confidence this summer. And it worked. During my holiday to La Palma I still didn’t get a six-pack but I felt so much happier and free in my own body. Setting goals of reaching a certain body weight, getting those abs or lifting a certain weight gives you a road to follow

Eat healthy (and have yolo-day)
Ok, I’m not the best example of this but eating healthier helps so much sticking to your work-out regime. It doesn’t work when you’re working out a lot and on the other side eating hamburgers all week-long. See your body as a machine that needs the right fuel to work on it’s best. On the other side, we have our cravings and it’s always good to have one day a week that’s planned for those yummy ‘bad’ food.

Work out with others
I noticed I work out so much more often and better when I have people around me that support me along the way. It can be a close friend or just someone who you met at the gym. Challenging each other to work out a couple of hours a week and getting through those tough workouts is the best. I worked out at a Crossfit box and for me that was the perfect way to get more motivation and strength to go through.