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A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I headed to Paris for a weekend getaway – exploring the city of love and experiencing Disneyland Paris for the first time. The weather forecast wasn’t that great and while packing it was quite important I needed to bring enough warm clothes with me to bare the cold and rain. Personally I find it quite hard to pack my suitcase for a short weekend trip during Winter because all the heavy knits and longer trousers takes so much more space than all the flowy items during Spring. Through the years I had to pack my suitcases a lot of times and so I got my own tips & tricks for packing for a (long) weekend.

I’m carrying with me the Milano weekend bag on wheels  (via XD Design) which has enough compartment for a weekend getaway
+ I’m wearing Costes oversized black cardigan / Adidas black Stan Smith sneakers / H&M white tee

Be realistic
Through the years I learned to pack light instead of over-packing. Because let’s be real, most of the time we wear the same things and let 50% of our clothes in our suitcases – totally unworn. So it’s time to be realistic and check what you really going to wear and if you’re really need those extra jeans, sweaters or shirts.

Choose your favorites
In our big closets we often only wear a few pieces we truly adore – our favorites. When I’m on the road I don’t want to think about if a look works or not. Going at least for a few favorites where you feel comfortable, sexy or badass in can make your day.

Mix and match
When you have chosen you’re favorites it’s now time to start to mix and match everything. Instead of bringing several different looks with you it’s better to choose only a few items that you can mix and match. On forehand you can style the items all together, even capture them on your phone and no what-to-wear-stress during your weekend away. Again, less is more in this case!

Less is more
For now I only mentioned clothes but of course there are more things that you’ll bring with you. For example, minimise on your beauty products and only bring the necessary things you need. When you’re on a getaway for only a weekend you can pack light by only bring one pair of shoes – the ones you’re wearing. And do you really need to bring your laptop, tablet or other devices with you? Personally, my phone can replace them all so I don’t need to bring all those extra electronics with me all the time.

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