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Since I left my childhood days every year seems to go by faster and faster. Hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months and before you now it you’re a few years later. For me it just feels like I traveled to Jordan only a few weeks ago and New York is still so fresh in my memories. But in reality, it’s already several months ago. And how’s summer for me this year? Actually, I’ve been working a lot and during the weekend I just love to relax, have a drink or just clean out my closet – hence to refilled JUSTLIKESUSHI shop.

So, before summer flies by too I’m sharing a few of my favorite summer moments of this year…
Spending time at the pool or beach / Wearing my all-time favorite ‘sushi’ bikini top / Cleaning up my wardrobe and selling these vintage  Chanel sneakers / Coffee is my friend these days / And a lot of fruit and water during super hot days / And we must never forget sushi / Spending a great spa break with my love / No life without banana pancakes

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