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I had a great childhood, living together with my sweet mom and I was spending my days being creative, playing with my dolls or climbing into trees. From a young age my nickname was ‘dreamer‘ and I couldn’t help getting my thoughts somewhere else 24/7 and if I could I would daydream all day long. Life isn’t always beem an easy road and I can truly say I got some crazy bumps here and there but they all made me how I am now. And most of all, I never stopped dreaming.

With a background where my financial situation wasn’t the best, limited amount of inspiring people around me and being a shy and introvert girl made it not always easy to get things off the ground. Things seemed impossible to do or I didn’t believed in myself to being able to achieve big things. I’ve growned up, learned so many things, made mistakes and in the end I learned from it. This May it’s my 6th anniversary of my blog and I can really say it helped achieving so many dreams and working on some personal things. The last few years I really had to pinch myself a few times of believing that my hard work payed off and I’m working on things and experiecing thing I never could dream of.

Traveling and expecially visiting New York was one of the big dreams that since I was a kid and as you know I finally could get this off from my wishlist last week. But how does it really feel when your dream comes true after so many years of longing to it. When dreams become reality and goals to achieve. That’s why I’m sharing this quite personal story to hopefully inspire you and other to believe in your dreams and make them true. Traveling to New York went in different stages of accepting this dream…

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

How it all started: A few days before going to New York I had some hectic days days that were filled with deadlines and not much time to pack and plan things for New York. Actually I still couldn’t believe I would hop on a plane soon to the other side of the world. My trip started already a day earlier with a night spending at CitizenM Schiphol (great place to stay when you have a early flight). Actually the first moment I could really believe I was heading to the Big Apple when we almost hit the ground in Newark and I saw Manhattan with it’s impressive skycrapers popping up in the distance. Glisting eyes, a big smile and with my camera and phone in my hand I had to capture this all. On our way to our hotel with the metro (which is way cheaper than getting a yellow cab) I got overwhelmed by the crowded subway station and I really had to prevent myself of walking around with a dropped jaw and staring around. After settling in our hotel it was time to hit town and walking around Manhatten. We walked around 8th Ave and ended up checking out Times Square like a true tourist. This time I really had to ask my boyfriend to pinch me several times to really get me awake and believe I was in New York. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

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  • NY has this thing that makes us all dream BIG! Happy to hear you liked it! Can’t wait to read your NY posts!

  • Ik ga binnenkort weer naar New York en ik heb er nu al zoveel zin in want ik mis het heel erg dus ik snap je helemaal.

  • lavieenliz

    love this post! I’m in NY too!

  • This is such a beautiful and inspiring post! I can relate a bit to your situation growing up and even though I always try to stay positive, I still need some motivation to keep on dreaming. Hope you had an amazing trip in NYC x

  • Lovely post.. It feels so great to finally fulfill your dream, right? That’s how I felt when I visited Amsterdam for the first time, my smile was bigger than ever! And now I want to visit New York too!! :)

    xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com

  • Malena

    That’s amazing! lovely post :)

    X Malena

  • Great to hear your dream came true! I would love to visit New York myself one day, must be surreal to walk in a world you only know from the movies and experience everything yourself!