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idual lamp

idual lamp

idual lamp

September is coming closer which also means going back to reality for the most of us. No holidays, no palm trees and no nice hotels to sleep at. I always enjoy my stay at hotels to the fullest because I’m always for a change of situation and most of the time the bed is twice as big as normal and having double the softness when it comes to the sheets. So, I guess a lot of you guys wont mind to create their hotel(room) vibe at their own house. As you may have noticed, I’m a true fan of the CitizenM hotels and I love how they kept their rooms super simple (but with a bed from to wall to wall) and have all the technical stuff in it. When it’s time to close my eyes I (and my boyfriend for sure) always like to play around with the lights which can be changed from green to red and purple to blue with only one push on a remote.

So, it won’t be a surprise when I was super happy to hear that it’s possible to create this at home with only one LED lamp (via iDual). After changing the regular lamp for the LED one (which is also eco-friendly) the fun part started. With a remote that has more buttons than my own tv remote I needed some time to figure thinks out (yes, I’m still a girl!). Oh my, this is sooo much fun! And what is my favorite color right now? It sounds a bit strange but I love to go for the color red. Yes, RED! I hope my neighbours won’t have a dirty mind but the color red is super soft for your eyes and is perfect for the transition from day to night. What does a girl want more, right?

This iDual light is available at the most DIY stores like Praxis (for the Dutchies)

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