Time flies! I can’t believe it’s already been a week ago I was staying at the great Aitana Room Mate hotel in Amsterdam for the #InnerCirqle product with 10 other amazing bloggers during Amsterdam Fashion Week. While at the moment I’m working from home with a cold and I’m sneezing all the time (sorry TMI,I know!). But let’s go back to the fun part of these day.

It’s so great to work on something really exciting with a creative team. I was super happy to get the chance to work together with cool brands like Marlies Dekkers, Asus, Logitech and many more. I also got to know some hidden gems where they serve the best of Amsterdam. I can truly recommend restaurants like Mossel&Gin, Bar Breitner and I-Dock to get you belly filled with the best (fish) food. Of course, there’s so much more to tell but as always pictures say more than 1000 words. Keep an eye on the blog for the video I’m editing right now for a recap of these days..

My personal highlights of Amsterdam Fashion Week
1 / First of all I was so delighted to stay at the Aitana Room Mate hotel where I got the coziest room of all and felt home immediately. Wished I could bring this cute corner home…
2 / My favorite show of MBFWA was Avelon by far. The mix of the minimalistic feel and the cuts made it something that would truly fit into my style. I’ve been following this label for a while now and with the years I can truly identify myself more with the message they are presenting.
3 / Working and surrounding myself with the coolest people in town these days. This project was set up by Bloggernet and startup Cirqle and 11 bloggers which made it a divers mix of cool and positive people.
4 / My partner-in-crime and name-sister Joyce of MyDubio was truly my buddy these days. We talked and danced the days and nights away. We already made exciting plans for later this year to attend other Fashion Weeks. Oh, so exciting!
5 / The show that impressed me the most on a personal and spiritual level was Bas Kosters. With his show Permanent State of Confusion he showed more than only the clothes we saw coming up on the runway. I got inspired, was happy and full excitement.
6 / Food, food and more food. Yes, during these days I got pampered by eating at the best restaurant of Amsterdam. Personally I truly loved the lunch at I-dock where I really could eat everything the served us. But hey, I’m still working on that bikini body ;)

Images by me & Dimitri Valentijn