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Recaps. We see them all over the place these days. On tv-shows, magazines and in the bloggersphere is it the common thing to do when the last days of the year are approaching. I really doubted to post a sort of recap here on my blog but I the end I found it quite fun to see all the looks listed up.

Yes! 2014 was a nice year with a lot of ups. I travelled a lot, learned a lot and it was great year of figurating out what I want in the future. And I must say, the future looks promising and I can’t wait to start working on and do things I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Like travelling to cities I never been to before, expanding my work-level and invest in my personal health and mindset. Oh, super exciting. I’m thinking about the publish a post about my new years resolutions. Or is that way to cheesy? Let me know

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