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Plants, flowers, trees – all these can spice up your whole interior. Back in the days, my mother loved to take good care of her garden and sometimes I helped her with it. But gardening never became one of my passion. Every plant I owned died within a few weeks (or even days) and I already gave it up. But lately my interior is getting greener and greener…


1. Start with fake plants – nowadays they almost look like real ones
2. Get a cactus – you only need to water them once in a while (…Ikea got cute ones)
3. Flowers – they don’t last long but easy to take care for and give a 1-2 weeks of pleasure
4. Herbs – They look great interior and are useful at the same time (Mint is my favorite)
5. Just try – After experimenting with different kind of plants I’m starting to really like it.

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