First of all, I want to share that I truly love the style of my boyfriend. It’s a mix of casual, sporty and with some classics here and there – just how I like it. But it hasn’t been always like that and at the beginning of our relationship I couldn’t stop giving him some styling tips. And in the end, it has worked. Oh, don’t we girls do this all the time?  Luckily no more style faux-pas of him that makes me run to the closet asap. But this doesn’t mean, he doesn’t like to get surprised by new styling ideas of me and others. And that’s where Outfittery comes in…

After getting introduced to the new concept Outfittery, my boyfriend and I were super exciting to give it a shot and find out if it would something for him. So, let’s first start with explaining what’s all about. It’s an online styling expert that helps you finding new outfits that re personally selected for you and your style. After filling in a list of questions about yourself, your activities and preferences a stylist will get a couple of looks together and send them to you. Perfect for the guys who don’t have time or want to shop, don’t really know what their style is or just want to be surprised by new looks.

And what has it done for him? We got a box filled with different kind of styles – from super casual to more preppy items. In the end we noticed that my boyfriend really likes some scandinavian brands and we’ll remember them for the next time we’ll go out for shopping. The look he’s wearing wasn’t a full look created by Outfittery, but made out of 2 totally other different looks. So, it’s still possible to be creative yourself!

He’s wearing Hamaki-Ho striped jumper, Lloyd Men’s suede belt, Selected blue shoes, Ben Sherman bermuda shorts

P.S. It wouldn’t be a surprise you’d see me wearing that striped jumper this summer. Love the details!

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