KIEHL’S ultra facial cream / ultra facial cleanser / ultra facial toner

During spring and summer I’m quite blessed with an almost (a bit dry) flawless skin, but when fall kicks in this drastically change. My skin gets super dry on some places of my face and I really need to moisturize it all day long. After been trying out several kinds of skin care I can say Kiehl’s has been my all time favorite (to be clear: this is my honest opinion – no sponsoring at all). I’ve been trying out this introduction box for a couple of months now and don’t want to use anything else. I also love the fact that Kiehl’s is a brand that started back in 1851 as a pharmacist (in  New York) and isn’t a ‘hype’.
Ultra Facial Cleanser: First I massage this cleanser in circular movements onto my skin and remove the remains of the cleaner with a damp wash cloth.
Ultra Facial Toner: Directly after the cleanser I start dripping a few drops of the toner on a cotton pad and remove the last remains of my make-up and other stuff from my face
Ultra Facial Cream: I use this cream as a day and night cream to get my skin moisturized. It makes my skin super soft and it last almost all day long. The cream itself is light but it has enough texture to nourishe my skin