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Exploring Bali With Locals

I can’t believe it’s already a month ago I came back from the beautiful island Bali. Still hoping everything will be alright there with the volcano that is a making some trouble there. So strange, I even talked with some locals there, who live close to this volcano, and they shares it was a long time ago that was active. Stay safe Bali! But let’s go back to one of the best experienced I ever had on this island.

In collaboration with I Like Local I had the possibility to try out two different local experiences to get to know the real Bali. Getting to know people who are born and raised on this island and who can share some beautiful stories. I chose for a surf lesson with Wayan in Canggu and a homestay and ricefield trekking with an other guy Wayan in Jasri.

Surfing lesson with Wayan
One of the things my boyfriend really wanted to do in Bali is learn to surf. Of course, I wanted to try this too but I was a bit hesitated if I could handle the board and the waves. After meeting up with Wayan he shared a bit more about his life and family and showed us a bit around his village. For me this is so much more interesting than going to a surf school and being just one of the many tourists. In my opinion he was also the best teacher and he learned us to watch the waves, handle the board and just be confident to stand up on your board. My boyfriend really was super cool standing up his board while I fell down a lot of times – but I really didn’t mind. While watching the sun go down, being in the ocean and being on this island was just priceless.

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Homestay and Rice Field Trekking in Jasri
One of the things I was looking forward to the most was the homestay and ricefield trekking with an other guy named Wayan. He lives in the east side of Bali and it’s known for it’s beautiful nature and less touristic area. This is something I was looking forward to and I really wanted to get to know the real Bali. Wayan opened up his home for us, gave us a great room to sleep and showed us around in his village. Showed us people who live there and his love for the beautiful nature. This nature is also something we need to take better care of and he’s trying to teach this to others. Not dumping your trash somewhere but learn how to live one with nature and getting to know more about the circle of life.
The next morning we got up really early, got served a local breakfast and headed to the ricefields. This trekking would take around 3 to 4 hours and walk around with our local Wayan. This was for sure one of the best experiences I ever had. Being one with nature, being active and learning so much more of Bali was something I really did not want to miss. This is truly something you need to do when you’re Bali

Both these experiences were so inspiring and these people opened up to us and showed their lives with only love. Something we truly can learn from and it shows us what’s really important in your life. Get inspired!

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