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Yes, tomboy style. What is it exactly? I think every person who feels like a tomboy knowns how to turn it into something unique. Most of the time it’s a style where boyish elements are integrated into your style. This can be done very subtile to becoming one of the guys and everything in between. After years of struggling with my own style, including dressing up very feminine to fit the standard, I finally found a way to express my tomboy style. To give you guys a look into my style I’m sharing an easy guide (just a few tips) for a tomboy style. Let’s go for it…

1. Go for low!
With this I mean shoes. Through the years a created a nice collection of heels – from Prada to H&M, but unfortunately I didn’t feel comfortable in it, in the end. I couldn’t walk on them for more than an hour and my feet were always full of blisters. Since last year I made a decision to sell 90% of all my heels and it was the best one ever. Only a few stayed for those special occasions like a wedding or party. You mainly see me wearing sneakers, slip-ons, brogues and biker boots and I style them with everything – from a classic dress to a simple jeans.

2. Not to fitted!
Oke, once in a while I like to wear a fitted dress styled with some comfortable sneakers. But most of the time I’m more into baggy and loose fitted pieces. Personally I like to create contrast within a look and I combine fitted jeans with super wide sweaters or baggy trousers with more fitted tops. And in the end I rather choose for a size up so I feel comfortable in it than being conscious about how everything fits 24/7

3. The hair thing!
Of course it’s not necessary to go for short hair when you have a tomboy look but for me it works so good. But to make you look complete it’s great to go for more a nonchalant couple that make the totally image complete. What I personally love to see on a lot of girls around me is the longer bob that has a bit of ‘out of bed’ look. Even I, who’s got super short hair for years, got my eyes on this hairdo.

4. Be yourself
In the end it all goes about to feel comfortable in de clothes you wear. I never imposed this tomboy style but it has grown gradually grown on me – with ups & downs included. And of course I still wear dresses and skirts (a lot lately) but of  I’ll style them in my own way – with a tough jacket or sporty sneakers. I say: go for it!


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