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It’s been a long long long time ago I did a diary post on my blog. Why? Lately I’ve been super busy, didn’t feel that well and I just thought it wasn’t that interesting. Everybody is on instagram lately so I didn’t saw the point to share it all again on my blog. But this time I’m doing it a bit different…

In this diary I’m sharing a few instagram shots you probably already have seen but also a lot of new shots I haven’t shared yet. As you could see on my blog (and almost everywhere else) I had some exciting days and I could resist to share this all with you guys here. Lately I get so many positive and touching comments which gives me so much extra power and inspiration to work even harder on my blog. Celebrating of being a bit different and creating a positive place where everybody fits in.

With all the sweet fashionable ladies in the Koffietijd garden where the show was live filmed – check out the fragment where I’m talking here / At the cool Koffietijd villa with my shopping bags / Rehearsals with Quinty – one of the presenters / Snapshot of the beauty lingerie of  ‘Pretty Wild’ designed by Firouze Akhbari

The film crew

Pullman Hotel in Eindhoven for IT’S WEEKEND event /
Waking up with coffee and a dive into the hotel pool / View over Eindhoven

Party time at the Van Abbemuseum for Young Art Night /
Good times always need to celebrated with sushi / My boyfriend carrying a big ass picture of me

So nostalgic! Posing with Henny Huisman – tv personality from my childhood

Quality time with fellow bloggers and attending the ASOS Epic Summer event
and ending it all with a delicious dinner with Boohoo

ph. all by me / koffietijd (1st image)


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