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Are you already excited for Christmas? Personally I’m quite all relaxed about it and I’m not planning anything big – just chillin’ with the ones I love. And that’s where this look comes in which is almost the definition of comfort (except the heels of course – ouch!). Besides the all time favorite sequins is velvet on a revival from the 90s and so it happend that I got dressed up in all…velvet. And again I teamed up with Costes and I combined their trousers with a top makes it a look you can dance in, have a good dinner (food-belly) or just chill on the couch and watch one of those cheesy Christmas movies (any recommendation?). This only one of the few holiday looks I created for you, so keep an ey on the blog for more..

I’m wearing Costes velvet relaxed trousers + matching top, Costes cardigan + necklace, &Other Stories heels, Chanel vintage bag




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  • Amy

    Wat een onwijs toffe foto! Prachtig!

  • So pretty! I just love velvet so much :)

    Whom do you want to gift with the OLYMPUS PEN Fashion Accessories?

  • Oh my! Deze outfit is zo leuk!

  • Malu

    You look so beautiful and chic! I am so glad velvet came back. It was here a few years ago and then all of a sudden it wasn’t a thing anymore, so I love seeing it all over. I will be wearing it for the holidays, so I must say that I am pretty excited about that. And I will be doing the same just hanging out with my loved ones and eating of course haha. Anyway I love your coat and the stripe detail. Great look!

  • Just found out about your blog and I love it! So clean and sleek.