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Cool Platform Biker Boots

I’m wearing Sacha platform biker boots / NA-KD pink corduroy trousers

Yess! This summer was one of the best and the last few months I’ve only worn sandals or open shoes. Especially when you’re spending almost a month on a tropical island where the sun shines 99% of the time you can’t imagine how colder days feel like. Coming back to Europe was a true shock and I really needed to get used again to wear long trousers and boots. So with fall coming closer I know I need to change my summer shoes for warmer shoes – ohnoo! 

As you all know, I’m not the type of girl who wears pumps or high heels but I still would love to get some extra inches. So while browsing around I came across these really cool platform biker boots that blown me away. It reminds me of my highschool days – hello 90’s – and the extra platform make these boots so different. When I look in the mirror they give that quirky silhouette that I really like.

For this shot I styled these platform boots with my new pink corduroy trousers that are already a favorite for this upcoming season. As you have noticed, corduroy will be a big trend for this season and I couldn’t resist to hop on this trend too. I can’t wait to share more of this look tomorrow on instagram – @justlikesushi – and share with you a cool collaboration with a nice discount code for you guys.
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