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Have you seen the latest Coca Cola commercial with the theme song ‘What are you waiting for’? While zapping around I spotted this quite inspiring ad with in intreging song and it kept me thinking about happiness and what it means to me. For me happiness feels like being in balance in everything I do and can share this with other. I wanted to share with you a few lines of the lyrics of this song and hopefully it may inspire you too or give you strenght in some way. And it makes me quite curious to hear from you what makes you happy?


“What are you waiting for?”

But why wait for happiness to happen to you?

When it’s something we can just choose to do.

Grab it tight and mold it with both hands. And discover how happiness and your hands are best of friends.

They can bring a smile, or bring a frown. Cheer you up, Or put you down.

Share a laugh, Share a tear. Cheer for victory, Or beat your fear.

Happiness can be anything when you carve it out. Choose happiness in worries, opinions, anger and doubt.

Carve it from sadness, humiliation and defeat. Discover it in the next stranger you cross in the street.

There’s enough for everybody, it doesn’t take much. It’s so contagious and infects everyone you touch.

It’s all up to you to be all you can be. So let there be no doubt and set happiness free.

Let it live, let it grow, let it shine, let it blow. Till it’s bigger than you, and lives in everything you do

Yeah, “happiness comes to those who wait…”

Sure. But what are you waiting for?

* Watch the entire video here
** This photo is shot back in New York
*** This post hasn’t been sponsored in any way. All opinions are entirely my own.

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  • Superleuke post! Ik ken de reclame niet, maar inderdaad inspirerende tekst! En prachtige foto!

  • Jah die song is goed he! Mooi dat je dit deelt ik ben totaal uit balans de laatste tijd maar probeer toch altijd van de kleine dingen blij te worden en te genieten!

    Prachtige foto meis!

    Liefs Nora /

  • I love this picture. It’s so full of life! <3
    x Fiona

  • Thanks for the link, the video is pretty cool!

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    Bests xxx

  • Lovely post, and you look so happy pin the picture ;)