be so good

After two busy (but fun) days I’m back on my blog again. Yesterday I attended the #BloggClassEvent of sweetheart Yara of to help her out with this event – the end result be up later this week. Being part of this event and meeting new people gave me new ideas and inspiration to work even harder on my blog. That’s why I changed my category ‘Just To Inspire’ into something new and more personal. In this post I’m integrating 3 of my favorite things of the internet: 1/ music 2/ quotes and 3/ inspiring pictures!

// boilersuits: a new manrepelling item I’m starting to like. Where can I get a good and affordable one?
// White , grey and oversized sportswear pieces = perfection!
// I really need to add more plant into my interior!
// I think it would be fun to include balloons into my interior as cool and fun statement piece. On the for these striped ones!

Happy sunday!