Barcelona. It’s one of those cities – just like Paris or London – I can visit a million times and still it will not bore me. A city big enough to find new places to sleep, eat, shop and feel a bit like a local everytime. Personally I prefer to go for more non-touristic things because when I’m in a other country I want to feel like I live there – even when it’s only for few a few days. The last few years when I visited Barcelona I slept in hotels and all thought this was very comfortable I still felt something was missing. So for my recent trip to Barcelona I chose to spend my days at an apartment (booked at Sweet Inn). Although my trip didn’t went as I expected due some personal circumstances I still spend some great time at my Barcelona apartment. Living between the locals, doing some grocery shopping just around the corner and getting some take-away sushi to end the day is just what it’s all about. Because I love Barcelona so much I like to share my personal favorite tips Barcelona to feel a bit a like local*.

Go for an apartment (Sweet Inn)
For my stay in Barcelona I went for an apartment – booked at Sweet Inn – where you’ll be staying at a nice decorated apartment. I stayed at the apartment quite close to the city centre and had a pretty local view. Even when you’re there for a few days you immediately feel like living as a local. With a nice and helpful host, a coffee bar just around the corner and a supermarket a few minutes away I just was blown away. Because of my injury I stayed a lot at the apartment at it truly felt like a second home. Can I go back, please!

Montjuic / Cactus garden
Let’s be real! The cactus garden high up Montjuic is the place where I personally got some bad memories from because that’s the place where I twisted my knee and ended up in the hospital in Barcelona. But still it’s one of that places that’s really not that crowded and you can enjoy some amazing flowers, trees and cactuses. While being there I also saw a lot of people running and hiking up to this place and that’s it’s really something I would love to do next time.

My favorite food & drinks spots
Ok! When I go to Barcelona I always love to get my dose of sun and vitamin (D) sea. But what I just love of Spain and Barcelona is the good food that you can find on every corner. For Barcelona I have an endless list of spots to go to, but for now I’m sharing a few of my favorites. Start your day with grabbing a quick breakfast at Mercat de la Boqueria with the best juices and fruit salades for a great price.Go for your favorite mexican food and the best mojito cocktail to Rosa Del Raval and the best spot to get your breakfast, brunch or lunch to Brunch & Cake. Are you a true hamburger lover? Than you’ll love Bacoa or Wakamaka.

Grab a cab
As a local you can for the metro or grab a scooter to cruise around the city. But sometimes we all want to go for an upgrade and grabbing a taxi for a night out or just for a meeting. During our trip we booked 2 rides from Barcelona airport to our apartment with Blacklane. We experienced the local taxis and I can say they are just ‘okay’ but the cars and drivers from Blacklane are definitely a big upgrade and provide a ride in style. And did you know you can order them all around Europe & rest of the world?

*Of course, I’m really not a true Barcelona local so this are just my personal favorites. But I’m still happy to hear your favorites that are missing in the list above.