The Ultimate Weekend Lunch

Like the most of us I always like to make my weekends as much as possible. Together with my boyfriend I like to stroll around the city, drink some hot chocolate or coffee and have a delicious lunch. While we working both hard during the weekdays, the weekend is the perfect moment to sit back and relax and let things go. One of my favorite spots to go in my hometown Tilburg is TIEN – a concept store where you can shop unique items, have breakfast & lunch and just get inspired by the great vibe. Back in the days, when TIEN just opened their doors I was so happy to have a cool store like this in my town. Personally I’m a true fan of their lunch menu with the most delicious grilled sandwiches and unique chai lattes and coffees. During my last visit I also had to possibility of trying a new app that makes these visits and paying for it so much easy.

Let me first share with you a personal weird habit that I’ve got – and please don’t laugh. When I go out for lunch or dinner I always get annoyed by the hassle of paying and waiting for it. Yes, it sounds a bit weird but that’s why I just often ask my boyfriend to pay with my card while I’m strolling around the store or check my phone. So coming up with something that makes this ‘hassle’ for me so much easier and exciting would be made perfectly for me. That’s why I’m so happy with the current technology which makes it possible to pay with you phone. Yes, your phone! That devices that’s always glued to your hands – in my case it is. I tried out the ABN AMRO wallet app which makes it a wallet to go. A way to make paying not a hassle, it’s so much faster – especially when you need to catch a train or are in a hurry – and it’s so much easier.

When you want to pay you just go to the Wallet app, put your phone close to the pin machine and you have payed. That’s it! For me it’s an experience on itself. What do you need to work with this app? All you need is an account at ABN AMRO, have an Android phone with NFC antenna and you’re ready to go! Interested to read more about this way of paying?
Definitely check out their website
or download the app Wallet right away.

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